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Sewing is creativity …Creativity bring joy…Once you start, you wonder why you waited so long!

Our complete dressmaking intro advanced beginners wanting to delve deeper into the art of dressmaking and perfect follow up to our beginner sewing course (8 weeks). in order to attend this course you would need to be confident on the sewing machine,have completed a few basic sewing/dressmaking projects or taken our complete beginners course or equivalent elsewhere.

According to your acquired level: come to make clothes simple or original. Whether it is for children, women or men, home decor: (curtains,  cushions, etc.), accessories (tote bags, cuddly toys, teddy bears, etc.). We are at your side, to make the good choice for your fabric (cotton, gabardine, taffeta, jersey, etc …) and in the understanding the commercial pattern. We will fit your pattern before cutting on fabric and we will accompany you throughout your sewing assembly, so you can sew your project without difficulty. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we work at your level.

All sewing classes are given in a group of four people, for better follow-up. Sewing in a beautiful studio, small and  friendly class.

Guylaine began very early to be interested in sewing. Graduated in cutting and haute couture in Montreal at Cotnoir Caponi. She worked for 15 years in the artistic and cinematographic world. On a part-time basis, she made collections of clothing (sport and city) that she sold in shop. In 1998, she completed her career in garment production management at the Collège Marie-Victorin and in computer-aided design (CAD) at the Collège Lasalle.

In 2001, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Education for Professional Training in Fashion at UQAM and obtained her teaching certificate. She gets a position in the region to teach the industrial garment production that she occupies a few years. In 2010, she participated in two missions to Mali in the village of Koulikoro, to perfect dressmaking techniques for trainers and craftsmen in sewing as part of a ACDI program in collaboration with the Bois-Francs school board.

So she came back to Montreal, the city that saw her grow up and which remains her home port. She works in industry for quality control for three years in the manufacture of men’s clothing. She returned to sewing, teaching, in 2009 her greatest passion … she likes to share her skills with her students of all ages regardless of their level of knowledge.

Entrepreneur for nearly a decade, Guylaine Bourgeault is currently at the head of Coutures & Couture, where she offers modeling, custom-made textile and pattern making programs.

To better respond to the demands of its clientele, Guylaine Bourgeault adds to its range of services the design of customized patterns.

Inspired, creative and innovative, Guylaine Bourgeault develops new niches and seeks to transmit to all generations the vast cultural heritage of couture.

She has also been a member of Quebec artisans for two years and also creates various products that she sells.