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Learn to Sew and Improve your Skill!

Learn how to sew is for everyone who wishes to learn. Start at a beginner or for everyone who already has some basic skills, but who would like to improve their sewing skills.

Learning of the different hand sewing stitches and more…

  • Learning how to choose your fabric
  • Learn how to make hems (straight and curved)
  • Learn how to attach or sew a button, hook and pressure.
  • Learn how to mount a regular and invisible zipper.
  • Learn to make folds & Gathers.
  • And much more…

Duration of the session is 8 weeks and 3hrs per Class at $285.

Every sewing lesson has a personal touch…

In our sewing classes you can make what you want, after having taken the basic course of 8 weeks. Then, according to your acquired level: come to make clothes simple or original. Whether it is for children, women or men, home decor: curtains, chair covers, cushions, placemats, etc …, accessories (tote bags, cuddly toys, teddy bears, etc …). We are at your side, to help you in choosing your fabric (canvas, cotton, gabardine, satin, taffeta, jersey, etc …) and in the understanding of your boss. We check with you your boss placement before cutting on fabric and we will accompany you throughout your sewing assembly, and finishes, so you can sew your project without difficulty. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we work at your level. We are here to make you progress in your projects.

All sewing classes are given in a group of four people, for better follow-up. The work shop included all the machine in a friendly environment.

All you have to do now is learn to turn the sewing needle into your personal magic wand and unleash your creative power.